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Q&A: Blackburn would get rid of North Dakota

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each week The Volante sports staff will interview a member of the USD athletic community and ask them off-the-wall questions. Enjoy the hilarity.

Missy Blackburn is a junior pitcher for the University of South Dakota softball team out of Sioux Falls. S.D.

During her tenure at USD, Blackburn has pitched 13 complete games with one shutout.

So far in the 2012 season, Blackburn has a record of 3-7 with an ERA of 5.70 and 34 strike outs during 70 innings pitched.

Austin Ashlock: Do you think fish ever get thirsty?

Missy Blackburn: Yes, I think they would I guess.

AA: If you had the power to get rid of any U.S. state, what state would you choose and why?

MB: I would get rid of North Dakota, South Dakota is way better.

AA: What’s your favorite word and why?

MB: Relentless. It is a good characteristic to have, and it is just a very motivating word.

AA: What is the worst prank you have ever done to somebody else, or had done to you?

MB: During a softball trip down to Florida, someone left a dead turkey on the doorstep of the condo we were staying at. We figured someone must have ran it over and decided to just plop it down on our doorway. It was disgusting. Not a good memory.

AA: Would you categorize yourself as a leader or a follower?

MB: I suppose it depends on the situation. But for most I would call myself a leader.

AA: Describe your proudest achievement. It does not have to be related to softball.

MB: I would say graduating high school. It was just a good day overall.

AA: If you could be the most skilled at any one thing, what would that be?

MB: I would want to be a very skilled surgeon.

AA: What is the most important thing you have learned in school? Elementary, middle school, high school or college.

MB: Definitely how to manage my money. I guess I am still working on it though.

AA: If you obtained a time machine and were able to travel back in time, what year would you travel to and why?

MB: That’s a tough question. I would go back to 1996, I think. I liked the music back then.

AA: Peeps or jelly beans?

MB: Peeps.

AA: What is the last movie you watched? And was it any good?

MB: I watched ‘The Stupids’ on Netflix the other day, and yes, I love that movie.

AA: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

MB: I have no idea! I usually just bite it, so I wouldn’t be the kind of person to ask that sort of thing.

AA: If you had the ability to speak to just one species of animal, what animal would you want to speak to?

MB: I would want to talk to zebras. Just because I think they are cute.

AA: What is your most memorable play or game as a softball player? It does not have to be during this season.

MB: During my freshman year, I pitched a game when I didn’t have any strike outs but I know we didn’t let anyone score, or maybe even get on base. It was just a great team effort and a very memorable game to me.

AA: Who is the toughest opponent you have faced this year, or in previous years?

MB: Last year we played the University of Wisconsin. They were crazy good. A very good hitting team.