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Warder dreams of bare-chested Roddick

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each week The Volante sports staff will interview a member of the USD athletic community and ask them off-the-wall questions. Enjoy the hilarity.

MC: When you’re on the court, are you a screamer?

MW: Not as much a screamer as I am a grunter. Honestly, if you get into a tough match, and you’re not getting real into it—and maybe it’s just my competitive nature—but I want to win every point and sometimes that means grunting. But the high pitch screeching, no.

MC: What is on the top of your travel list?

MW: Australia, definitely. I could go to the Australian Open, meet Andy Roddick. He’s always been my player.

MC: What was your reaction when he retired at the U.S. Open? Were there tears?

MW: I was sad that he retired, but I think there comes a time in a player’s life where you know your limits, and he had met his limit.

MC: If I looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

MW: Eggs, ice cream…lots of dairy products. Probably ice cream the most.

MC: If you could win any Grand Slam (tennis championship), which one would it be?

MW: U.S. Open because it’s my home turf. The best motivation is on your home field.

MC: If you could take credit for creating any movie, what would it be?

MW: The new ‘Batman’ series. First, the villains in those movies were flawless. The Joker is amazing, Bane was amazing and, obviously, Christian Bale is a great actor.

MC: In professional tennis, what female player would you want to play doubles with?

MW: Serena Williams, she is a beast. I got to watch her play at the Rogers Cup, and she is just powerful.

MC: What about on the men’s side?

MW: Andy Roddick, because he’s hot. He can play without a shirt if he wants.

MC: If you could have picked your own name, what would it have been?

MW: I think Maddy fits me pretty well. When I was little, I used to make up plays with my friends, and I was always named Elizabeth.

MC: Do you have another name/nickname you go by?

MW: My brother and parents call me Wookie. My brother said I cried like the Wookie in Star Wars, so they’ve been calling me this my entire life.

MC: What was the most difficult thing you discovered about being a college athlete?

MW: Getting enough sleep. You have practice every day, and you have workouts three or four times a week. You also have to work out on your own to compete with everybody else.

MC: What is the biggest misconception about college athletes?

MW: That we are treated like royalty. A lot of times, people think athletes get away with anything, and in reality, if we mess up, we get it twice as hard. We lose the team we play for, we lose scholarships, we don’t get to compete. This is why we are here, it’s kind of like our job.