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SGA approves GAF cuts

As a result of a cost deficit from 2012, funding for the General Activities Fee (GAF) will be cut short this year, affecting many aspects of campus life from the MUC to the Wellness Center.

The estimated GAF funding cuts were approved by the Student Government Association Feb. 12 and are awaiting consent by University of South Dakota President James Abbott and the executive board at USD.

“The cuts are across the board, but we predict there will be an increase in online credit courses which should level out in the next few years,” said Hanna McElroy, SGA senator, “There are a few one-time budget cuts and a few permanent cuts.”

According to SGA senator Kara Fischbach, students will not see immediate changes in the way things operate around campus. The GAF funding fluctuates every year because it’s difficult to predict just how many credit hours students will register.

The proposed cuts in funding will be evaluated by Abbott as well as the executive board over the span of two weeks.