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Yummy or Crummy?

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Bringing more authentic Mexican cuisines to Vermillion, “Mi Familia: Mexican Restaurant” recently opened its doors. Menu items consist of authentic Mexican and American appetizers, genuine entrées and delicious desserts.

Located at 7 Court St. downtown by the “Old Lumber Company,” “Mi Familia: Mexican Restaurant” is independently owned by the Gonzalez family.

With the success the family had gained with their original store in South Sioux City, Iowa, the family decided to invest in Vermillion’s market.

Walking in the restaurant, my girlfriend and I were quickly greeted by a friendly waitress who quickly found us a booth. The server was accommodating in providing the best service possible.  She even provided us with a bowl of tortilla chips and salsa free of charge — which I believe they do for everyone.

The amount of menu items was overwhelming; however, it was due to the tremendous amount of appetizing items available, including classic Mexican enchiladas, tortilla burritos, fajitas and everyone’s favorite: tacos. After a tough decision, I settled with a restaurant favorite authentic dish: the Gorditas.

Served with a side of rice and beans, the richness and genuine flavor of the dish certainly did not disappoint. It is something I would recommend to anyone having a hard time deciding what to eat. However, if you are stuck in a situation where you would rather eat what you know, “Mi Familia” offers a variety of American dishes as well.

Following my entrée, I ordered a classic Latin American dessert, flan. This custard dessert with a sugary under layer topped with chocolate syrup and whipped topping did not disappoint either. Coming from a Hispanic heritage, I have been served numerous variations of the custard. The dessert I received from “Mi Familia” went beyond what I expected. Even noted in the description in the menu, the taste was that of an authentic recipe.

Throughout the entire experience the waitress took excellent care of us, always attending to our needs and empty drink glasses.

I would certainly recommend anyone who is interested in trying something new or wanting to indulge in an authentic Mexican outing to check out Mi Familia. I will likely be going back before the semester ends.