Editor’s column: Volante launches web show
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Editor’s column: Volante launches web show

For more than 125 years, The Volante has been bringing you news about the University of South Dakota that students need to know. It’s come a long way since then, and sometimes it’s hard for us as a staff to believe that there was a time when the publication was produced without the use of a computer or any other form of technology.

At The Volante, as is the case with most college newsrooms around the country, we are working with computers and software programs most newspapers in the industry aren’t even using yet.

Some of this is due to easier access to infrastructure funds, but the primary reason The Volante is constantly utilizing up-t0-date technology is to ensure that by the time students graduate and enter the workforce, they are ahead of the game and more employable than the next guy in line.

As The Volante has moved through the varying stages of technology to keep up with the times, so too has our news coverage. We’ve shifted from the traditional idea that we’re only a weekly newspaper to a more contemporary, fast-paced newsroom striving to bring our readers the news as it happens.

Last spring, we launched a new website — a complete overhaul to the drab website we had been using for so many years. Our mobile-first mindset of reporting the news as fast and correct as possible has been our goal ever since then.

But now, a year later, The Volante is expanding upon its commitment of striving for a continuous online presence by bringing you something we call Verbatim.

Verbatim is a web show designed to take viewers behind the scenes of the stories our reporters produce each week. It’s a blend of news and insight about topics relevant to USD students.

As students ourselves, we realize it can be hard to make time to read about the news going on with all the demands being a college student brings. That’s where the inspiration for Verbatim came from.

These weekly videos are short and simple, with the intention of informing viewers about of some of the most interesting stories we’ve covered that week.

As the semester progresses, you’ll probably start noticing more videos accompanying the stories we have both online and in print.
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These videos are a physical promise that we’re pushing ourselves to explain why the news is relevant on all platforms.

Going back to our roots more than 100 years ago, we were founded on the mission to be the students’ voice, and we are constantly adapting to maintain this promise to the students of USD.