People of the Pack: Robert Walsh
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People of the Pack: Robert Walsh

Robert Walsh is a senior at the University of South Dakota. Walsh is studying business management and psychology with plans to move to Minneapolis after graduation for a software job.

NK: What do you feel has been one of your greatest accomplishments?

RW: Well, soon-to-be graduating, if that counts. It wasn’t easy. It’s nothing like high school. You’ve got to work hard.

NK: If you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would you change?

RW: I would’ve stuck with basketball and played basketball in college. I just feel like I missed out on an opportunity. I still could’ve gotten a business degree while playing basketball. I just wish I would’ve worked harder at it. I played at first and then I quit. I signed at USF, University of Sioux Falls. I played summer ball with them, with their team, so I didn’t get to experience the full effect.