People of the Pack: Maia Gabrielson
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People of the Pack: Maia Gabrielson

Maia Gabrielson is a junior majoring in kinesiology from Sioux Falls, SD.

Ali Boysen: How do you balance your social life and school?

MG: Most of my classes I take in the morning that way I can have the afternoons to go to the library or get some homework done, because I always try and take an hour to go to the gym. At night I spend time with my friends just because if I spend too much time on school work I get more overwhelmed.

AB: How are you preparing for midterms?

MG: I usually try to read over my notes after class just to be familiar with it, and then four days before I just study my notes, make Quizlets online and study with friends if I don’t understand concepts.

AB: How would you describe yourself as a student?

MG: I’m very determined in school; school is very important to me, so I definitely work hard to be here. I enjoy school too.

AB: Are tests relatively easy for you?

MG: I wouldn’t say they’re easy for me, because I do prepare a lot for them, like it doesn’t come natural for me to just ace a test. I do enjoy learning, so I think it makes it easier to understand the material if you like your classes.

AB: What kind of studying schedule do you set up?

MG: So I usually try to start four days in advance. The first day is just trying to get familiar with the information and the next two days I’m making Quizlets and trying to test myself over it, and the last day is a final look over everything to make sure I have a general concept of things. If I go over more than four days I feel like I’m over studying, like I’m spending too much time on it.