People of the Pack: Dom McClendon
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People of the Pack: Dom McClendon

Dom McClendon is a junior music education major from Sioux Falls, SD.

Ali Boysen: What are your plans for spring break?

DM: The USD Chamber Singers are actually going to Europe. We’ll be in London for about six days and Paris for about four days. We’ll be singing various concerts around the area, our hotel in Paris is right next to the Eiffel Tower and we’ll be going to the Louvre and House of Versailles. While we’re in London, our first stop is actually the set of Harry Potter, so we’re all pretty jazzed up for that and we get to see a bunch of old rustic churches. We’re all very excited about this trip.

AB: How was this trip orchestrated?

DM: Every year the Chamber Singers go on some sort of spring break tour. Last year we toured the Midwest and that was more of a recruitment thing where we went to high schools. Every other year we decide to do a bigger tour and the year before last year we went to Chicago.

AB: What’s the biggest tourist attraction that you’re looking forward to seeing?

DM: I’m really looking forward to seeing the Louvre, just because Lorde on “Melodrama” has “The Louvre”; good song, good museum. I’m very excited to see the Mona Lisa.

AB: Are you traveling with any of your friends?

DM: The entire choir is going and I have a lot of friends in Chamber Singers. There’s music majors and non-music majors and we like to call ourselves a family because we spend so much time together, and we grow and we learn throughout our music and through the rehearsal process.

AB: So what are you planning to do on your off time while you’re there and not visiting museums?

DM: We have concerts mostly during the day and afterward is just a free day, we get to do whatever we want. I’m planning on hitting up the tourist sites and going to all the little shops. The drinking age is eighteen, so those of us who are of age we plan to indulge a little bit.