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Exercise classes paying off, columnist looks for a bingo

After a weekend away from school to celebrate a birthday, I realize how important fitness is. These new classes I’m trying at the Wellness Center are paying off.

Simple tasks, such as walking, have become easier. My legs feel less sore going up the stairs in Slagle Hall – but I still loathe it – and I’ve been sleeping really well at night. For these pleasant changes, I have two hard-core classes to thank: Les Mills Body Pump™ and Kettleball.

Both of these classes were new to me and I really didn’t know what to expect walking in to the studio.

First up was the body pump class. Show up a little early – there are a few things you need to get ready before the class starts.

Everything you need, though, from the barbell to yoga mats, is provided in the studio and is easy to set up. I decided to stick with light weights for my barbell, and I’m glad I did.

The class consists of a lot of squats and lifting but the fast-paced music makes time fly. I thought I was going to wake up extremely sore the next morning but that was not the case.

If you haven’t done a barbell class before, I recommend sticking to lighter weights so you can really learn the sequences and get comfortable.

Next up was kettleball. While walking around campus, I have heard people say that kettleball is tough and before last week I have tried to avoid it.

My experience was not scary, but it was definitely intense. I enjoyed that there were stations set up before the class started. That makes it easier to chat with the instructor or fellow classmates and get settled in.

Once the class began, there was no turning back. The next hour was filled with planks, pushups, kettleball swings and sweat – from my end at least. I appreciated the breaks provided between stations. I was able to catch my breath and think about what I just learned.

It’s OK to go into a class a little uneasy because by the time the next class rolls around, there’s nothing to worry about. Now, it’s on to the next round of classes. Maybe next week I’ll have my first bingo.