Horror anime that will terrify you on Halloween
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Horror anime that will terrify you on Halloween

For those who are not keen on watching the usual Halloween movies but are into cartoons or anime and would like to get a new perspective of the horror genre for the Halloween season, here are some chilling, creepy and terrifying anime to watch.

“Attack on Titan”

The world of “Attack on Titan” is violent, chaotic and mysterious as the characters try to piece together the mystery about the cannibalistic and savage titans.

The main character, Eren Jaeger, is a 15-year-old boy who loses his mother and his home after the titans raid his city and consume hundreds in their path. Eren joins the military as an act of vengeance and to learn how to prevent another tragedy from happening again.
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It is a very gruesome and bloody show, with someone dying in almost every episode, and the animators don’t hold back or act generous toward any character.

The titans are behemoth creatures that devour anyone without thought, and that in itself makes anyone want to hide in a closet for the rest of their lives.

“Blood C”

This show is the definite definition of bloody as bloody can get, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who wants a quality, plot-filled show.

It focuses on a young girl, Saya, who is a sword-fighter in training and is trying to protect her town from bloodthirsty monsters.

The ending takes a turn for the worst as she discovers more about who she really is.

The monsters Saya is trying to defeat are huge and seem innocent, but they are always eating people in the most explicit and creative ways that will make anyone cringe.

The anime as a whole is awfully constructed and terribly plotted, but if anyone is looking to see pure violence and not sleep for weeks, then this is the show because it is truly horrendous and disgusting.


“Another” is, plot-wise, wonderful. It has a brilliant storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat and always wondering what is going to happen next.

The show follows a curse that was implemented in the main character’s, Kouichi Sakakibara’s, classroom that he transfers to at the beginning of the show.

The mystery focuses on how students in the classroom or their relatives, preceding from the death of one student back in the 1970s, will die if they do not find the Casualty, or the person who triggers the deaths of these students and their family.

Some people will automatically be turned off by the show based on the fact that they are 14-year-olds and they die in the most awful and bloody ways. Some of them die off-screen, some of them find their family members murdered at home but most of them are shown being stabbed, sliced, thrown to the ground or even crushed by pillars.

Besides the awful dying scenes, it is a great show with well-rounded characters and plot.

“Perfect Blue”

“Perfect Blue” is a movie that is more psychological and mysterious, but nonetheless terrifying.

It centers around Mima, a pop star-turned-actress who accepts a role in a movie that could potentially ruin her image, because it involves a rape scene.

She completes the scene and becomes traumatized by it, and cannot distinguish her work from reality.

The psychological aspect really helps viewers connect with Mima on a level of confusion and discomfort, and some scenes even recount her moments of transferring to work and then back home and she doesn’t even remember it.

But perhaps the most terrifying part of the movie is the fact that she has an imposter who creates a web page that recounts everything she did that day, in exact recollection, and hires a guy as a scapegoat to stalk her.

The point of this movie is that there doesn’t need to be mass murders or a ton of blood to keep people up at night terrified.