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Soulek Styles: The Holidays are all about sweaters

The holiday season is once again upon us and that means a multitude of parties to attend! From family gatherings to friend hangouts, the big question surrounding all of them: what do you wear? Don’t fret, I’m here to give you some tips in the second-edition of Soulek Styles!

Thanksgiving Gatherings

In my mind, there’s only one acceptable outfit for Thanksgiving and that is the comfiest outfit you can find. Why? You’re going to need that comfort after stuffing your face with turkey and mashed potatoes — or whatever food you choose to eat on Nov. 28. So, my suggestion is leggings and a nice, big sweater. Jeans can work too, but I suggest stretchy ones. If you do have to dress up, I still suggest the comfy sweater route, but maybe pair it with a skirt instead.

Soulek Style Tip: Thrift stores always have a great selection of sweaters, so if you’re in need of a new sweater to at least give off the impression that you put effort into your outfit, try shopping at your local thrift store!

For Thanksgiving, a comfortable sweater and pants is the best way to stay cozy while eating lots. Sara Cappiello | The Volante

Holiday Celebrations

Okay, holiday parties in general can be tricky when picking an outfit because it depends on the setting. Just hanging out with close family for a gift exchange and food? Leggings/jeans and a sweater is still a great option. However, sometimes you have to dress it up. Spending the holidays with your significant other’s family for the first time? Going to a potentially boring work party but still want to show off? Heading out with friends and want to look amazing? I’m telling you, skirts are a great option. Pair denim or tulle skirts with an ugly (but still cute and festive) sweater or flannel. To finish the look off, add some hoops and curl your hair!

Holiday sweaters can always be a great addition to any look for a holiday party. Sara Cappiello | The Volante

Soulek Style Tip: To go even fancier, try a floor-length holiday dress and throw a sweater over it. It looks fancy and effortless all at the same time! And don’t worry, you can find floor-length dresses fairly easily at discount and thrift stores!

For a fancier holiday look, Lauren suggests a more formal dress with a fluffy shawl or sweater for something extra. Sara Cappiello | The Volante

New Year’s Eve Parties

The secret to looking like a Boss Babe on New Year’s is pairing jeans with a sequin shirt and black blazer. If you find a sequined blazer and pair it with a plain black shirt, that’s even better. However, if sequins aren’t your thing, I’m telling you, sweaters are once again a perfect option. To dress it up for your night out, pair it with jeans and heels!

Soulek Style Tip: Jumpsuits are also a great look for New Year’s Eve. Pair it with a leather jacket or blazer and it’s even better! Discover timeless styles in our leather products. Each piece tells a story of quality, tradition, and enduring fashion.

Try out a sparkly top and blazer for a New Year’s party. Sara Cappiello | The Volante

The main lesson of these style tips? You can utilize a sweater for almost every look. Go ahead and buy those thrift store sweaters — I promise you, you’ll find a cute way to wear them this holiday season. Of course, no matter what you wear, make sure you feel comfortable in it. There’s a lot you have to deal with at holiday gatherings, from pestering questions about your life to what in the world is in your aunt’s ‘famous’ casserole, so at the very least you can feel and look amazing! Happy Holidays!