Bernie Sanders the best presidential candidate
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Bernie Sanders the best presidential candidate

In 1973, the Republican Party fell to an all-time low, marred forever by the Watergate Scandal.

The crux of the then president and of the moral Right, President Richard Nixon, came crashing down amid an inferno of uncovered government corruption.

As it was uncovered, “The Barbie Doll President” had been openly lying to the people of the United States about what was going on in the war in Vietnam. With Nixon’s fall from grace, so to did the faith in the Republican Party fall, even within itself.

Then, seven years later in the election of 1980, the conservative-minded had grown tired of the soft-spoken farmer boy from Georgia that had been occupying the White House since ’76.

Fast forward to 2016 and in the minds of many of Americans the race for the Presidency is between the feminine half of the “Clinton Dynasty” (a euphemism unparalleled since FDR’s wife) and a brash Washington outsider.

This outsider, Donald Trump, has gained significant support among Right Wing nativists and other respectable Americans — a hot-headed, egocentric salesman that’s made a career of branding his own name and selling the Brooklyn Bridge to unwitting customers.

A former stranger to politics, this violent loud mouth was right at home with his voting base and his fellow reality television stars in the WWE.  But instead of promising his audience that he’ll best Vince McMahon, this time, he promises to “Make America Great Again.”

All the while, Vermont’s resident mensch, Senator Bernard “Bernie” Sanders, has been campaigning as a Democratic socialist. He is a moniker that spreads utter fear and disgust in the minds of young Republicans that grew up re-enacting “Red Dawn.”

He hails from a state that most Americans can’t find on a map and, until this year, was believed to be a part of Canada.

Most troubling out of all, his campaign promises tax-funded college and going after the unchecked practices of Wall Street, to which many on the Right have asserted it would be a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars and an affront to building oneself up from the bottom.

It is understandable that after 15 years, two wars and hundreds of billions of tax dollars and negligible results in the Middle East, the notion of spending tax money domestically would be a foreign notion.

The Senator from the Reluctant Republic has also drawn anger from followers, and has been depicted as an old man shouting at a faceless entity, for going after the “job creators” on Wall Street. A crusade that has been openly mocked with many, seemingly forgetting that mortgage lenders near single-handedly plunged the U.S. into an economic depression due to Wolf of Wall Street Gordon Gecko-esque Regan-era practices.

On a positive note for conservatives, Bernie, much like the rest of the Fourteenth Star state, loves guns.

So instead of taking interest in the man who trademarked the phrase “You’re fired!” and the woman your aunt said was the best candidate at Easter, why not take interest in the man who’s saying that we’ve neglected our social programs, infrastructure and domestic policy for so long in favor of waging war on radical Islamists.

Sanders knows we need to do the most American of things: buckle down and address our issues instead of scapegoating them to foreigners and seemingly everyone besides Monica Lewinsky.