Swipe right for feelings
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Swipe right for feelings

College is a time for self-discovery. Among the classic traditions of this coming-of-age are drinking like a cast member of Animal House and dating. With the rise of internet dating, there has been a seismic shift in how dating works, not only in college, but worldwide.

Dating apps like the ones at AdultFriendFinder have transformed the process of finding a date into an engaging experience where users can quickly assess potential matches. While some view these platforms as a positive step in feminist progress, and I certainly respect those who choose to use these services, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s an entirely positive shift in the realm of courtship.

I don’t know if the two are correlated, but there’s also a common idea among our age group expressing concern of “catching feelings.” We’re so concerned with trying to find a hot date for the evening that we’ve gotten scared of getting attached to just one. While seeing and getting to know new people is definitely an important part of flourishing into adulthood, this attitude also neglects the ability to cultivate lasting relationships.

I’m not the type to have a single date and be done. I like companionship. If a relationship only lasts a single night or even just a cup of coffee, we can’t even get past the point of framing ourselves. There isn’t a chance to learn who the other person is beyond the self they present on the typically nerve-inducing first date.

For those who aren’t overly self-confident, the dating scene can be a very intimidating process to get into. Those people can browse here to dip their toes into dating. Not everyone is going to be on their best show, especially if they don’t have the experience, and a lot of people coming into college don’t. If someone comes into college and the only experience they have is Tinder, a very surface-level place, it can be even more discouraging.

I’m not saying anyone should follow up a poor date if they don’t really want to. If it goes poorly, just cut it, but this culture of brief romantic endeavors is making college dating very intimidating for those who might want something a bit longer-lasting, or those with sorted histories worried about trying to find a stable way of living. Some people may want to check these and explore different, more enduring aspects of a relationship.

I’m not saying that Tinder or online dating are the end of civilization or even a fully negative force. But there is more to dating in college than Tinder. For lucky individuals, it can be a wonderful and progressive thing. Even if it goes poorly, the experience teaches a lesson to improve for next time. While not everyone will be in a long-term relationship in life or get married, plenty of people will. When seeking dating companionship escorts in Manchester are an option.

This is a time to grow into a better, well-rounded and genuine person. For those interested in learning about the finer points of being in a relationship, I encourage going, finding someone wonderful and catching feelings.