Modern technology is negatively defining human interaction
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Modern technology is negatively defining human interaction

The concept of “too much of a good thing is actually bad” seems to have been thrown out the door as far as technology is concerned.

While technology is helpful for school and work related items, using it too often negatively changes the way people act in general or towards others.

Now when people communicate it’s requested that they text, email or instant message on social media rather than talk face-to-face.

When the interaction is face-to-face, unless it’s in a classroom where phone use is prohibited, there’s a constant scrolling through the phone during the entire conversation.

The more advanced technology gets, the more people can’t seem to manage to survive without looking at their phone every five seconds.

I’ve experienced similar conversations with friends where I’ll be speaking to them about something or other and instead of listening they’re looking through their phone as if their lives depended on it.

Loss of face-to-face interaction as a result of technology means a loss of empathy towards others.

Technology takes away the facial cues that would’ve otherwise been apparent in a face-to-face conversation, cues that would let a person know how their words are affecting others.

Health is another con of technology, as the light on a computer or phone screen encourages the mind to stay awake longer.

Disruption in sleep patterns has a negative effect on how well a person is able to function, not only in class but on a day-to-day level.

Sleep aside, constantly looking at a screen also strains the eyes and even encourages the mind to think that it’s hungry.

There was a time when people didn’t need technology in order to survive or pass the time. Now it seems one minute without looking at some technological device is the equivalent to one hour without air.

Often people will bump into one another because they’re looking down instead of up. People are more concerned with what’s going on inside a screen than what’s actually happening around them in the physical world.

While technology can be life changing, it isn’t life affirming. There’s so much that’s missed or degraded because instant gratification is more pleasant than experiencing the joys of what’s happening right now.

Instead of enjoying the great outdoors, people live their lives through a screen and play games such as Pokémon GO where they’ll be outside but the only trees or grass they pay attention to are the graphic ones on a screen.

When people come across anything that’s not virtual, whether it’s a human being or an animal, they no longer know how to appreciate something that can’t be sent away with the click of a button.

People need to get back in touch with what’s real and realize the meaning behind true physical interactions with the world around them.