Player of the Pack: Darin Greenfield
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Player of the Pack: Darin Greenfield

Darin Greenfield is a sophomore football player majoring in kinesiology and sport science.

Karina Dufoe: D-line has been filled with injuries — how have you been able to respond to that?

DG: We have responded with getting the guys that have to play ready to play. Lucky for us we have very good depth and the guys coming up have been performing very well.

KD: What does your training look like?

DG: Our training varies from season to season. In the winter and summer we go a lot harder in the weight room and with our running workouts. During the season, the coaching staff and the training staff do a very good job of putting together workouts that focus more on getting the soreness out of our bodies and get us feeling 100 percent by game day.

KD: What’s it like being asked to start for the first time this year?

DG: Being asked to start is what everybody works for in the off-season and throughout the year. I am just glad that I can contribute to the team and continue to get better every week.

KD: How does it feel to be 6-0? What are you looking forward to in next week’s game?

DG: Being 6-0 is a great start, but it is no where near where we want to be. As a team we just can’t get content with what we have done and coast in to the end of the season. Next week’s game is going to be a big test for us. Going on the road and playing a good team in Illinois State will really show what our team is made of.