Sometimes it’s needed to shake up your routine
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Sometimes it’s needed to shake up your routine

The semester is halfway over and everyone has found a routine that works for them. Yet, these routines can become mundane from being in a rut of some kind.

I personally find it easier studying with background noise from shows on Hulu or Netflix. When I do this, I typically do this in the Muenster University Center at one of the three booths I like, or in the Fine Arts building.

I do this for no other reason other than to avoid doing homework in my bed. I avoid doing so because it’s recommended to find a place that’s comfortable, but not too comfortable.

Constantly coming to campus to use the WiFi has caused me to be in a study rut. I go to campus mid to late afternoon, buy something from the on campus coffee shop, and set up to chip away at homework.

Psychology Today suggests being aware of why we’re in the rut to begin with. After that, the publication’s website recommends setting obtainable goals.

In my case, I know I come to campus mainly because of the access to free WiFi. Also, campus is three blocks away from my apartment.

The easiest solution for me is to head to the Vermillion Public Library. Vermillion’s public library offers free WiFi. This is possibly why, according to the Pew Research Center, millennials were the most likely to use public libraries in 2016.

For me, it’d be just as easy to go to the public library on weekend as campus. It also seems practical to study in more than one location.

Another possibility, for those who don’t want to leave campus, is taking some homework and doing laundry off campus.

An article from the magazine Inc. recommends shocking your system. For example, Inc. suggest that if a person feels like they’re always on their phone, they should give a digital detox a try.

A digital detox could be beneficial for college students. Students, according to one study, spend eight to 10 hours per week on their cellphones. Another study states that students check their smartphones 11.43 times during a class period.

Both of these statistics aren’t shocking. After all, I use my iPhone for everything from listening to music to updating my Facebook status to checking my emails.

I also use my iPhone to listen to audiobooks while working in my studio courses.

I try to break from doing so once a week from my iPhone.

I treat myself to lunch or dinner at Café Brule to enjoy reading a physical book and leave my iPhone at home.

A different Inc. article suggests getting some exercise. Thankfully, the fitness center on campus offers a wide variety of fitness classes.

The same article also suggests getting uncomfortable to get out of creative ruts. Thankfully, putting oneself in an uncomfortable situation could be as simple as partaking in an open mic night. Or one could attend a campus activity they normally wouldn’t.

I won’t lie, sometimes it’s hard to come up with opinion column ideas. I like going events I might not normally go to, like the upcoming Macklemore concert, to shake up those creative juices.

There’s not a one all, cure all to getting out of a rut. If anything, it’s about shaking up ones routine enough to enjoy being in college.

Although I’m still trying to get out of the rut I’m in, these small changes are a nice break from constantly being on campus.