What it’s like to be a conservative woman on a liberal campus
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What it’s like to be a conservative woman on a liberal campus

Coming from California, I’m used to being that one red speck in the middle of a bunch of blue.

It’s not easy being a conservative woman on a liberal campus.

Most universities are factually more liberal than any other political party in their belief systems and the way they run their schools.

In most of my classes and organizations I’m involved in, I’m afraid to voice my opinions because I’m afraid of being attacked for speaking on behalf of what I stand for, except for the College Republicans.

This club has meetings once a week, and that’s my one day a week when I don’t have to shelter my feelings and emotions in fear of being judged. It’s an hour of pure freedom in which I don’t have to shelter myself.
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However, when I walk out of that room, it’s back to reality — the reality that this is a liberal campus and conservatives are highly out numbered.

There have been many times in which, even by friends, I’m put down for even using the word “conservative.”

For example, within the first week of being on campus I met an individual and somehow politics came up. She asked what political party I supported. When I told her the Republican Party, she said, “That’s fine, I just lost a lot of respect for you.” I haven’t spoken to that individual since that day.

Students should be much more open-minded to other political beliefs than just sticking to what they know. It creates more people who are educated about both sides, and we need more of those people.

The majority of this campus is left-leaning, and it makes some students feel as if they’re unable to speak politics or that they’ll be looked down upon as human beings.

There are also people who think that just because a conservative is a woman, they shouldn’t even get involved in politics. But for many young women, one of the biggest reasons why they’re conservative is because of the powerful women in politics such as Kellyanne Conway and Shantel Krebs.

Not only being a conservative, but also being a Trump supporter as a woman is especially tough. Many people claim our president is “misogynistic” and “disrespectful to women.” However, he has some very powerful woman who work for him who are nothing but respected by him.

Kellyanne Conway is the counselor to the president. She’s a powerful woman in politics, and it’s so inspiring that she’s such a strong advocate for President Trump.

Another one of the powerful influences for me is Shantel Krebs, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She’s running for Congress this coming election.

“I am running for Congress to help Trump deliver results,” she said.

This should inspire more people to have faith in our president and support him through his first term instead of people judging everything he does.

Although this a liberal county and college, I’m proud to be a conservative and I’ll continue to voice my opinion for all of those too afraid to do so.