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Three shows that need to be rebooted

From “Roswell,” to “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” to “Charmed,” there’s a plethora of reboots stemming from 1990s TV shows. With ’90s nostalgia being what it is, here are three 90s TV shows that should get the reboot treatment.


The 1998 TV series based on the young adult book series of the same name, “Animorphs” ran for two seasons with the late ’90s special effects. The show centered on a group of middle schoolers who could morph into animals to save the world from an alien invasion.

The original series was hindered by both the writing and special effects. Although the series was geared towards a middle school-aged audience, the showrunners and staff writers underestimated the story that they could have told.

Between the advancement in special effects and some of the shows that are being produced, an “Animorphs” reboot would definitely be doable; especially since modernizing it a bit would make it even more interesting.

Instead of placing the characters in middle school, placing them in high school would elevate the show by elevating the stakes of saving the world while also trying to date.

The Secret World of Alex Mack

This mid-1990s show centered around middle schooler Alex Mack, who gets covered with a chemical that gives her superpowers. Along with these superpowers, Alex also gets a villian in the form Paradise Valley Chemical Plant’s staff who want to find out her identity to see what the chemical does to humans.

Although the original series, like “Animorphs,” caters to a middle school audience, a reboot could take an approach to series similar to ones like the CW’s “The Flash.” This could be done by giving the main character more of an interesting story than just trying to hide a secret from her parents while navigating middle school.

And the series could work more in an superhero-sitcom setting over a hour long drama series. Most TV series that deal with a character having a secret similar to Alex Mack’s tend to make them more dramatic and seeing a show with secret identities and hentchmen in a comedic light would be refreshing. 


Back in the late 1990s, the TV series “Felicity”–like many others–centered around an essential clique of friends trying to survive the day-to-day struggles of school.

What really set “Felicity” apart from shows like “Dawson’s Creek” is how the four seasons of “Felicity” centered solely on surviving through college. Over the last decade or so, a lot of shows would use the setting of high school and give high schoolers similar difficulties that college students would face.

Yet, creating a reboot of “Felicity” where we’d see college students navigating the difficulties of college and some post-college life could be real entertaining. Especially since most TV series these days seem to like skipping over the four years of college if they can.

And as college students, I’m sure seeing a TV series that deals with issues ranging from living in the freshman dorms to the dreaded job hunt spring semester of senior year could create an extremely relatable series.

In looking back at shows like “Felicity” or “Animorphs” for inspiration for reboots, Hollywood could find some real gems.