A talk with Vermillion’s Micci Abbott: Coyote Village’s new Assistant Housing Director
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A talk with Vermillion’s Micci Abbott: Coyote Village’s new Assistant Housing Director

Sitting with graduate student Micci Abbott for 20 minutes is like sitting next to your own personal cheerleader. She greets those in her company with a smile and “hello, beautiful,” no matter who you are. 

A lifelong native of Vermillion, Abbott was hired as Assistant Housing Director for Coyote Village last week. It’s now her job to ensure those new to Vermillion feel at home in the place she grew up.

During her undergraduate years, Abbott lived off-campus to care for her family, meaning, by technicality, her office in Coyote Village is her first dorm room. Abbott graduated last December with a degree in sport marketing and media and a minor in psychology. She’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical mental health studies.

She enjoys having an office, she said, but her favorite part is the USD community.

“The people are the biggest draw to USD. The students and the community [that] exist around USD are amazing,” she said. “I love that more than anything.”

In her new position, Abbott will oversee desk operations, assist desk workers and plan events in Coyote Village. Nathan Steussy, Resident Hall Director at Coyote Village, said Abbott brings excitement and knowledge of USD to her position.

“(Abbott) is quick to dish out compliments and bring a smile to the people around her, and I believe her attitude will positvely impact the students that work with Micci,” he said.

Though she loves having a desk, Micci Abbott said, her favorite part of the job is the USD community. Austin Lammers | The Volante

Armed with a people-oriented persona, Abbott said she strives to learn the highs and lows in a person’s life to support them the best she can. This goes not only for students, but her new coworkers as well.

“Anytime where I can be a spectator in someone’s life and support them no matter what, I take advantage of that,” Abbott said. “Encouraging people to be who they are and checking in on them is something every person deserves.”

Music is also a big part of Abbott’s life. From singing competitions with her sisters to tattoos based on her favorite songs, music roots her, she said. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, One Direction, FUN. and Peter, Paul and Mary top Abbott’s list, emulating the variety and diversity present in her life. 

The way to Abbott’s heart includes Crocs, sweet tea, her niece, Vermillion and authenticity, she said. Embarking on her new career at Coyote Village, Abbott lives her life by a simple saying: “nothing is easy for everyone.”