Staying curious: One professor’s story of science, grief and pigeons

There are over 400 species of pigeons in the world, and each species has its own curious trait. For homing pigeons, it’s always knowing the way back from which they came. For a USD professor who raises them, it’s figuring out which way to go. Kandy Noles Stevens is an adjunct professor and STEM Specialist […]

6 mins read

VPD and UPD tag team Dakota Days

Dakota Days, which concluded, Sunday, is a time for celebration. Sometimes celebrations get out of hand, and when they do, Vermillion Police Department and the University Police Department, rely on assistance from the Sheriff’s Department and Highway Patrol to enforce laws and keep people safe. In an average week, VPD receives 130 calls – this […]

4 mins read

How the university keeps intramurals fair between student-and-non-athletes

Most students see intramural sports as a chance to compete against similar, plain old regular students. However, that’s not always the case. If you’ve participated in an intramural sport, chances are you’ve actually squared off against a student-athlete. Athletes are allowed to compete in intramurals but must follow a different set of rules than the […]

3 mins read

Leave Greta Thunberg alone

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish 16-year-old climate change activist. She is also  climate change deniers’ new punching bag.  I’m not here to tell you why climate change is real, because I think Greta and the 97% of scientists who believe climate-warming is human-caused have a good handle on it. I’m here to tell you to […]

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