Can we knock it off with gender reveals?
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Can we knock it off with gender reveals?

Gender reveals are out of control. Literally. In Iowa, a homemade pipe bomb meant to shoot off-colored powder went wrong when a piece of debris hit a family member in the head, killing her instantly. 

Obviously, this incident was tragic and unintentional, but it was also avoidable. I’m of the opinion that the gender of a baby should be an intimate and respectful experience. Gender reveals are more harmful than joyful. 

Gender stereotypes

I thought we were trying to move away from the whole “blue is for boys and pink is for girls” thing? What seems to be a simple act of popping a balloon or letting off an explosion, is really a reinforcement of gender stereotypes. When we have to vote on the gender of the baby by choosing a tiara or a sheriff’s badge, we’re not only strengthening these stereotypes within ourselves but pushing these expectations onto the future baby. It’s predetermining a path for a child who hasn’t even popped out of the womb yet. 

Also, it’s not really celebrating the gender of the child, but rather its anatomical sex. I’m not here to explain or argue the difference but in short, we’re missing the whole point of welcoming a child into the world if we’re just going to tell them what they have to be. 

You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit

All too often, I watch gender reveal videos only to witness a parent get upset over the gender of their future baby. Fathers lose it when they find out they’re not getting a boy, and mothers have a hissy fit when they’re not having a little girl. 

What these parents fail to realize is that having children is a privilege. There are so many couples that would give anything to have a baby of any sex but can’t. Through their struggle, these couples know that any child is a gift and would love them the same no matter what.

When people rudely ask my dad “how he deals” with a household of four girls, he says, “All I wanted in my younger years was to be surrounded by women. I finally got my wish!” 

If you only want a certain gender, you’re not ready to be a parent. Have fun showing this video to your future kid and explaining that you didn’t really want them the way they are! Reference point one and remember that there’s not a superior gender. 

Y’all are being extra 

The money and time spent on these parties is almost sickening. It’s great to celebrate the joy of life, but when cakes and balloons cost thousands of dollars you have to wonder who the party is really for. A more intimate and relaxed celebration is much more appropriate, and the money you save could be put toward a future fund for the baby. If we really wanted to celebrate the baby, we’d do away with all of the nonsense.