Editorial: Make the 20’s your decade
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Editorial: Make the 20’s your decade

Every new year there’s a feeling of hope and desire for a fresh start for the year ahead. The beginning of 2020 felt even more monumental since it was the start of a brand new decade.  

The years 2010 through 2019 had historical moments. There were moments of terror, like the mass shootings in Las Vegas and the Paris attacks, but also moments of victory, like when Osama Bin Laden was killed by the Navy SEAL Six Team.  

And for some of us, the saddest thing that happened was when One Direction split up in 2015. 

There are a lot of monumental things happening in 2020 already. In November, Americans will be electing their new president. We’ll also see if our current president will be removed from office. We will also watch how Prince Harry and Megan Markle distance themselves from the Royal Family. 

To guarantee that the next decade will be positive, we need to start out 2020 on a high note. Now is the time to take those risks that we’ve been thinking about, but have been too scared to do. 

Apply for the job you want but don’t think you’ll get. Change your major or add a new minor. Start a relationship, or even better yet – end the toxic ones you’ve been keeping around. You’ll feel better once the dead weight you’ve been carrying around is gone. 

This year is especially important for college students because it’s the beginning of our adulthood. This decade should be about taking responsibility and growing to become better human beings. 

It’s easy to keep up New Year’s Resolutions for a month and then quit. Monthly goals allow you to start change at any point of the year. So if you haven’t made resolutions yet, or if you’ve already fallen off the wagon, make a list of monthly goals you want to hit this year or even this decade. 

In February, you can start going to the gym at least twice a week. Another goal could be to force yourself to go to the library and study for an hour every day after classes. Giving yourself a monthly goal to hit and continue while you add others is easier than trying to completely change yourself in one month.

Don’t be afraid to take chances in 2020. It’s a new decade with endless possibilities and opportunities.