Let’s get political
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Let’s get political

Make your voice heard.

The importance of being active in politics is making sure your opinion matters. No matter what role you play in society, this is a fundamental right everyone in America should be guaranteed. 

You can get involved in politics on multiple levels. In college, there are student government organizations, like Student Government Association, you can become a part of. Another local option is your city council. 

But you also don’t have be active members of these organizations to be involved. 

If you aren’t able to make it to city council meetings or dedicate large amounts of time towards physically being active in politics, the internet is the answer. You can sign petitions, email your representatives and join online chat rooms. 

Stay informed on bills and legislation and be aware of how politics is affecting your community. Take note of how government officials make their decisions and if you agree or not. Go and caucus so the person you want in the presidential race will be on the ballot in November.  

But don’t get caught up in the toxic, aggressive attitude of the political world. It’s easy to get upset and angry over something that might not even be true, so make sure the news you’re consuming is coming from a reliable source. Reliable also means unbiased, because biased news isn’t reliable if it’s trying to persuade you to think a certain way. 

Part of being informed is listening to both sides of the argument, regardless if you agree with their view. 

It doesn’t help you or your community if you just complain about politicians if you don’t do anything to affect who is in that office.

Complaining about Donald Trump being president when you decided to throw away your vote won’t get you anywhere. 

What can help though, is if you call your Republican representative working with him so your voice is heard. Voting in candidates to enact change in politics is what’s going to make that difference.

In today’s age, there are so many ways to get politically active. There isn’t a reason you shouldn’t be. So many people want to go on social media and rant about the current political state, but there’s really an easy solution. 

Speak up for yourself. Speak up for others who can’t speak for themselves. Make your voice heard.