Brust & Weightman
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Brust & Weightman

Our campaign stands out. Retention is a complicated topic involving several steps and each of these steps contributes to our platforms: advocacy, accessibility and affordability.

We believe there’s more to student government than student representation. One must also be active in their leadership role and support the student body regardless of race, gender, religion, political opinion or any other factors that make up the diverse student body which we seek to represent.

We look to advocate for students by implementing a Judicial Branch of SGA. This branch would be made up of official student representatives, serving on disciplinary committees to ensure that students have peer representation for appeals.

Campus must be accessible to students to enhance the college experience; this includes access to programs and resources, promotion of fine arts events, as well as implementation of more disability services such as wheelchair ramps or elevators. Everyone deserves not only equal, but efficient access to all parts of campus.

And finally, affordability. Affordability impacts everything: from Greek Life and athletic recruitment numbers, textbook access, graduation percentages, and of course our ultimate goal, increased retention. We aim to listen to students’ concerns and take action by working with the entire USD community to arrive at a solution.

In these ways, our campaign introduces new ideas while also reforming the pre-existing foundations available on campus. Ultimately, we want to reach every student: we’re pushing for the highest voter turnout possible, using the hashtag #YotesVote.

We’re asking you, the student body, to use your voice and understand the action plans and dynamics of each candidate’s platform. With our history of sponsorship and support of several bills on senate, our involvement in several student organizations and our diversity in majors, we ask to represent you and look forward to advocating for USD.

Vote for the A-team: Vote BRUST WEIGHTMAN.