Farmer’s market considering move
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Farmer’s market considering move

The Vermillion Area Farmer’s Market is considering a move to a more permanent structure. The market, open year-round at the Clay County Fair, is currently looking at a new location in Barstow Park.

The Farmer’s Market serves as a location for local vendors to sell home-made and home-grown goods, and to educate people in the region.
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Amy Schweinle, president of the Farmer’s Market board, said while the move is just a possibility, there would be benefits to a new location.

“Our biggest issue is trying to find a place for a permanent structure, to get out of the elements,” Schweinle said, “to have some permanent storage, maybe a permanent place for events that we might have there, for a stage, those sorts of things.”

The location currently being looked at for the possible move is Barstow Park in Vermillion.

We wanted a place that was easy to get to, that was easily visible, good parking, good space, some place for kids to run around as well,” Schweinle said.

Doug Van Beek owns and operates Grounded Coffee Roasting, a vendor that partners with the Vermillion Area Farmer’s Market. Van Beek said he can see the benefit in a move.

I could see that it might be a benefit, being able to hold more vendors,” Van Beek said, “but for me personally, there’s not a lot of difference.”

Van Beek said he has been mostly satisfied with the current location.

The only problem and I think they actually solved this, but last year, they wouldn’t give us access to the heating controls and so it was always really cold,” Van Beek said, “and I think that kept people from coming.”

However, Schweinle said there could be pros and cons to the move.

“We love where we are. We have a very good relationship with the Clay County Fair, and there are a lot of advantages to staying there,” Schweinle said, “The benefits to moving would be having access to that permanent structure some place.”

If the farmer’s market were to move, Schweinle has a plan to keep their customers informed.

“We would try to take advantage of the media, get things out in the paper, on the radio, definitely use social media a lot and word of mouth,” Schweinle said. “We’ve got a lot of very loyal customers in the area.”

For now, the Vermillion Area Farmer’s Market won’t be changing venues, as it seeks public input on possible locations.