Shame on the Boy Scouts of America organization
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Shame on the Boy Scouts of America organization

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”

This is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America. Ironically, this mission isn’t a standard leaders of the organization have held themselves to. 

Yesterday the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy due to the enormous cost of its sexual abuse cases. Abuse that could’ve been prevented if predators had been taken out of the organization before they preyed on other children. 

It’s shameful an organization who promotes building the character of young boys and now girls, would be the same thing that would damage them for life. An organization intended to leave a positive impact instead left scars on so many. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, officials from the Scouts will not disclose how many lawsuits have been filed and how much has been paid out in settlements, although the number of lawsuits is well into the hundreds.

Since the Boy Scouts have filed for bankruptcy, those who are waiting for settlements may wait for years.

Earlier last year, the LA Times published a story that estimated the number of “suspected abusers” was 7,819 and the number of victims was 12,254. That number probably doesn’t include all the survivors of sexual abuse in the organization and the number that will get compensation will be smaller.

In a statement to the Times, the Boy Scouts said they are “exploring all options available so we can live up to our social and moral responsibility to equitably compensate victims who suffered abuse during their time in Scouting, while also ensuring that we carry out our mission to serve youth, families and local communities through our programs.”

How are you planning on helping compensate victims? If the organization raises the price of dues, they’re essentially using parents’ money to pay people who were abused in the organization as children. If I were a parent, I would pull my child from the organization.

The Boy Scouts have eerie similarities to the Catholic Church when handling their sexual abuse scandals, which means they’ve handled it in the worst way possible by trying to cover it up first.

It’s sad when your organization has “perversion files”, that lists thousands of alleged offenders. Take a look at these files and what you’ll find is so disturbing it’s hard to believe.

Entrusting your child to an organization that’s supposed to make them better people and give them life skills is becoming scarier and scarier. Throughout the years there are more and more stories that come out about children being sexually abused by those in organizations they trust the most, for instance, Jerry Sandusky’s football camps.

The Boy Scouts of America should dissolve or at least temporarily shut down their operations until they can learn how to vet out pedophiles from their organization.