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2020 is canceled until further notice

I have been living my best life being with my friends — eating tacos and going to class. Never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be a pandemic that limits all of my daily activities and those to come.

First it began with my class trip to Italy being canceled, then spring break being extended, to us never returning back to our classrooms. For me that meant I wasn’t going to have the chance to return to my art studio.

This transition has affected my life physically, mentally and emotionally. I unfortunately don’t have a degree that transitions nicely to online learning.

I’m an art student, so when I walk into my studio that’s where the most creativity flourishes for me. Now I have to find that same comfort in the limited space I have in my home in Sioux Falls. Not only was I using processes that come easier inside of the FA, but I also had my momentum come to a halt.

Not being able to continue my work in the FA is difficult, not only for me, but for all my other friends too. For me being a photography emphasis, my challenges aren’t as bad as for everyone else limited to working with their hands and spaces in the FA. For example, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and painting all require tons of space and resources that are limited to only the FA.

Plus, those are works of art that are used with your hands, not a computer and book. You can only talk about something so much, especially when you wish you were doing the work with your hands instead. Being stuck at home also confines my creativity, I don’t have the opportunities of exploring different locations as easily before COVID-19.

Being inside has affected my work ethic because it’s easy to say I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m lying in bed almost all day. Which is why I have started to set mini goals for myself to do activities and work when I normally would on campus, so my routine isn’t off as much.

I have also been reaching out to many friends that I wouldn’t normally touch base with when I had a lot of things going on. That way not only do I give a mental health check but also receive one.

This time has come with a lot of changes in my life but I’m hoping step by step I overcome every obstacle.