Don’t Let Social Media Control You
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Don’t Let Social Media Control You

If you’re like any of the rest of us with a Netflix account and internet you’ve probably seen The Social Dilemma and are either unbothered because its 2020 or no longer have social media.

While I think the latter of the two is a great idea I understand that the idea of disconnect is a really scary thing, social media has its perks after all. So instead let me ask you a question that I think you should consider whenever you’re thinking that everyone you see has a better life than you or tweets something more relatable than you. 

Why does it even matter?  

You’ve probably scrolled through your Instagram feed enough times to notice that most of what we see are the smallest of snippets from people’s lives where they’re actually happy and enjoying themselves. So why not let them have that?

Maybe even comment something supportive while you’re at it. Then, when you’re done being glued to your phone maybe you could go on your own adventure and post your own #MotivationMonday or whatever you think would be cool to share.

I don’t want to hear the excuse “but I don’t get as many likes,” either because there are so many avenues you can take to not only share creative things but see other people’s to draw inspiration from. 

You ever heard of VSCO? 

It’s a photography and video app just like Instagram that doesn’t allow you to see your follower count or how many likes you get on a post.

I started posting to it regularly three or four months ago and I cannot begin to tell you how much it inspired me creatively. Knowing I could just post a random photograph I took on a hike one time and… that’s it.

It just sits there, for other people to see at random and I think its one of the best forms of social media if you’re self-conscious about what you want to post online, but still have a desire to create.  

So even though, as we see in The Social Dilemma, social media has its major downsides. There are avenues you can take to stay active on your social accounts without feeling many of the negative side effects that come with it, like using apps that don’t share how many likes you get.

As well as looking at other people’s posts from a positive outlook instead of a negative one because aren’t we all just trying to have a little fun in a world that isn’t having all that kind of fun right now.