Internet trolls: The bane of Trump
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Internet trolls: The bane of Trump

I always find it entertaining, you know, joining onto a livestream of a Trump rally to see thousands of people spamming messages in the live chat section that say “MAGA” and the like. When in these chats, I only see one or two people in futility trying to get their own message across.

Maybe entertaining isn’t the right word but I certainly find it interesting. I’d say I don’t understand it but I do, seeing the people walking around the Trump rally, displaying Jesus is My Savior Trump is My President Flag, reading the cringe-worthy things that they say in the chat — of course, it makes you want to scream in their face that if they hate abortion so much then they should be all for universal healthcare. A reaction like that is common, and it is more than reasonable, even if it’s not rational. 

So I get the anger, I get the frustration. I’ve seen friends of mine in this spot themselves, one of them is waging an instagram war on the entirety of Trump’s campaign. So what’s my point? Well I want to berate some people, and console others. 

While I find it humorous when individuals mass tweet or “raid” livestreams of conservatives to deliver a slew of messages that conflict with the political view of the trumpers, or vice versa for that matter, I have a hard time understanding the goal.

Seriously what does it accomplish? In case you missed the 2016 election, progressivism backfired. We don’t have Trump as a president for no reason, it wasn’t a fluke, no accident here. Trump got elected because the people you are riling up took a stand against your ideology.

You’ve been telling them for years that they are bad people for thinking a certain way or doing something a certain way. Regardless of whether you’re right or not, it’s just not a smart way to go about it. You wonder why they hate you? Just a quick one here but please get off of your ivory tower, you look like you’d be very fun to knock off of it. 

To those who try their hardest to make a logical argument, I salute you. You might convince one or two people, and hey maybe that’s enough to make a difference, but regardless you’re wasting your time on people who don’t agree with you; certainly, people who will never agree with you.

Another note: people don’t want to agree with you. This isn’t a formal debate, I mean, look at how those turn out here in America. These aren’t the kind of folks who are open to some thoughtful consideration of your opinions, might I add that they don’t care about your opinion.

Please however do not be disheartened, I mean I doubt you would be anyway but bear with me. There are far more productive things you can be doing with your time if you’re feeling particularly empationed, dare I say campaigning to more moderate people, because the other side of the spectrum doesn’t take you seriously. Think about it, do you take them seriously? Besides, there are far more moderate people in recent years. 

Big takeaway is that “being an ‘internet troll’” is something which can only be followed by “hmph!” and you look very silly; however, if you are trying to facilitate a genuine conversation, while I believe that your efforts are misplaced, good on you.

Please don’t ‘troll’, you make it very difficult to facilitate a genuine discussion and you’re doing a massive disservice to the cause you claim to support as you reflect poorly upon it.