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Its time to adopt your next furry friend

Adopting a pet not only brings the pets a new life but can also bring a newfound joy to their human counterparts.

October is American Humane’s national Adopt-A-Dog Month, so instead of trying to find the perfect purebred puppy that probably costs more than a month’s rent, head to your local shelter and adopt a dog (or cat). 

Adoption not only saves pets from being stuck at the shelter for the rest of their life or being euthanized but it also gives an animal a fresh start. 

With over 3-4 million animals in shelters it’s important to think about the pets who had homes and were abandoned by uncertain humans or simply turned up as a lost pet. It’s not fair for those animals to not receive the love and caring family they deserve just because they ended up at the shelter.

When considering buying a pet it’s always important to consider all the pros and cons but why not add another pro to the list because with you that animal may never have a family.

Sometimes animal adoptions can be complicated or messy. Sometimes the pet needs to relearn potty training or break bad habits, but by showing your newfound furry friend a loving and caring environment your pet will become your new best friend.

Not only will you save a life by adopting a new pet but you’re working against puppy mills. Puppy mills are basically dogs being mass produced and sold to make money as fast as possible. Puppy mills often don’t consider the animals welfare and force them to live in harsh disgusting conditions.

They receive improper medical care and are kept in cages. Moms of the puppies are bred over and over again until they can’t breed any longer then they’re disposed of.

Stop allowing these cruel places to exist by shopping for pets at peer stores or on the internet. Find your new furry friend in a shelter and give them a home instead of giving another penny to a puppy mill.

Another reason to adopt is because it feels good. Not only are you finding a new friend but you’re giving the animal a safe and loving place to live and reaching it from potential doom. By saving them you sure to feel better about your decision to adopt a pet. 

However, whenever you do decide to adopt a pet of any kind make sure you’re in a place financially and emotionally where you can give the animal the proper care and love it deserves to prevent it ending up at another shelter later down the road.

Make the right choice but also make sure it’s the smart choice.