Joe Biden, the Trojan Horse of Modern Democracy
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Joe Biden, the Trojan Horse of Modern Democracy

Psst, hey! Kid over here! I’m the Democratic National Committee, you want to vote for a candidate so that we can put a different person in power and usurp your vote?

Hahahaha, it’s funny because it’s true! While the DNC is not literally trying to coerce you into a white van on the street after kindergarten, it’s certainly what this presidential nominee feels like. 

Joe Biden, what a wonderful demonstration of the power the DNC holds over its primary election. We had Hillary Clinton win the nominee in 2016 under questionable circumstances and now this cycle we get the DNC’s insulting voltron coalition hell-bent on keeping Sanders off the ballot, wouldn’t want him in the election now would we.

To explain that voltron comment, what I mean is that for some reason when a candidate drops out of the democratic primary the people who voted for them don’t get to cast a new ballot. Instead the candidate gets to decide where that voter’s vote goes, it’s shady and doesn’t make sense but hey that’s our democracy for you.

Every candidate except for Sanders and Gabbard dropped out in the middle of the voting period and gave their votes to Biden, resulting in his victory in the primary. I have no doubt in my mind that this was orchestrated by the DNC. 

To speak of Kamala Harris, I have no major outstanding objections to her being the next president of the United States…  whoops! I’m getting ahead of myself.  

Joe Biden has the mental capacity of a coconut, the man’s brain is actually melting in front of us. I genuinely feel bad going after him because it feels like elder abuse, Biden needs to go home and enjoy retirement, he has no reason to be out here. Biden’s brain has turned to soup and he is mentally incapable of leading a country. 

So let’s talk about that, he’s mentally incapable of leading. For those of you who don’t know this little fact, we have a chain of command for these kinds of situations, although they usually arise after the president is in office.

When the president is unable to continue leading, or is otherwise deposed, the chain takes effect. First to be put into their place is the vice president, then the speaker of the house and so on and so forth. Here’s a link to the full list for those who are inclined. 

What this means is that when, take note, when. Not if, WHEN, president Biden is deemed unfit for office Kamala Harris will take the position. This is why I refer to Biden as a Trojan horse, while I could be wrong, I fully expect him to be used as a mere ploy to put Kamala into office.

The next question becomes; is this legal? Yes, it’s in the constitution and there are no bars against intentionally putting an inept president in to get someone else in power, I mean, who would even think of that? Laws are really just a list of what isn’t allowed and no one has done this before. So after that we have another question; is this how we want to do this? 

What I mean by “this” is electing our First Female President (FFP). That really crept up on us huh? I don’t think a lot of people even realized what kind of position we’re in.

However, do we really want to put the FFP in with such shady means? This feels shady. I don’t like it. Also remember when I said I don’t have any major objections to Senator Harris? Well, I may have lied. I respect Harris for her recent calls for accountability of police officers, and, like most Americans, stand with her for much needed police reform.

That being said, Kamala Harris is a cop. She is former law enforcement, and also served as a California’s Attorney General, during which she continuously avoided intervention into cases of police killings. I think I’ll leave you with that.

Just, think about it, and maybe go do some personal research on Kamala’s record as an officer, you know, for fun.