Be Your Own Personal Rockstar!
3 mins read

Be Your Own Personal Rockstar!

We all need to sing a little more!

Whether you are worthy of an American Idol or so terrible it gives your friends second hand embarrassment, you need to sing your heart out more often.

I have always loved to sing in the car, shower, kitchen, at church, walking to class or standing on the living room coffee table. Am I good? No. Does that stop me? If you ask anyone that knows me… absolutely not.

Singing is a way for us all to release passion through a song we really love. Bringing joy and happiness to uplift our mood. Singing is a way for us to relieve stress, put our heart out there and sing out the sadness and anger.

Singing together with friends at the top of your lungs to your favorite song brings you together creating unforgettable memories. Singing is a way to step outside your comfort zone and become more confident in you who are. Singing can even bring amazing opportunities your way if you are really good at it (@Griffin Wolner)!

This May in the middle of the pandemic, BBC Future wrote an article about how singing positively affects our mind and bodies. It can build a sense of connection and is a large part of many cultures. Singing activates both sides of the brain including areas linked to emotion, attention and body awareness.

Singing is also a form of meditation. Being completely aware in the present moment while letting the music bring out any emotions locked up inside will release whatever is holding you from being your best self. As we sing endorphins are also released which leaves us with feelings of happiness.

Singing focuses on controlling breathing and studies show that breathing is one of the body’s greatest stress-relievers. Along with these beneficial effects, music and singing can strengthen our sense of empathy and connection to others.

Whether we sing alone or with others jamming out in the car, music makes us feel stronger emotions as we connect and sing along, versus if we were to go about our day without it.

Next time you’re out for a drive, cooking in the kitchen, or hanging out with friends, put your favorite songs on and no matter how stupid you sound, belt your heart out!

Let loose and let the music take you to another place and feeling of joy. If you are lucky enough, you might even have a roommate or friend nice enough to get you your own portable mic to enjoy your passion for singing even more (thank you, Madilyn for my own portable, bluetooth mic).

Now I can encourage those around me to feel as amazing and uplifted as I do after shouting the lyrics to their favorite songs whether its hype, sad, chill or groovy. Let’s all sing a little more and become our own personal rockstars!