Mental Health Sick Day: Break from the Stress
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Mental Health Sick Day: Break from the Stress

Mental illness is a legitimate issue and people should be able to take mental health sick days.

When you have the flu, you stay home and take care of yourself. You should stay home and take care of any mental sickness as well.

Taking a sick day when you have a fever, feel nauseous or have any physical symptom is normal and happens all the time. While mental health days are allowed in most workplaces, it can be hard for people to take the time off.

People feel guilty when they take time off for themselves. They ask, “If I’m able to go in and work on something why would I stay home?”

People should not have to take personal days or sick days when they are dealing with a mental illness. When you are too stressed, anxious or tired you and your work will suffer.

Mental health sick days are for self-care. It’s not a “treat yourself” day. It’s a way for people to get the rest and care they need to get them back to feeling like themselves. Sick days might not get a person back to 100% but it gives a person a break and a chance to step back. This can also be the day where they see a therapist or psychiatrist for their illness. It can help a person come back with more energy.

It’s necessary for people to understand when they are close to a burnout. It’s better to take a step back and just breathe before you reach the end of your proverbial rope.

Scheduling mental health days in advance benefits a person because you know you will have a break soon.

It’s also important to realize these are sick days not personal days. Mental health can become too much and turn into physical symptoms. Body aches, headaches, nausea and many other things can come from poor mental health. It is then advised to take a rest every now then and contact a massage therapist to schedule a relaxing mobile massage.

If people do not get the rest and care they need their productivity will decrease. Taking time to relax yourself and recharge can reduce stress and helps improve your performance when you return to work.

Recently the negative ideas about mental illness are fading away but there is always more to be done. People have become more comfortable to talk to employers so they can get a day away from stress.