History Club set to start back up this semester
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History Club set to start back up this semester

The History Club is a student-led organization for students interested in history. The club reflects the interests of students by what they think is important and what they chose to do.

Starting on Jan. 28 the History Club is set to start back up after taking a semester off. Along with many other clubs and activities, COVID-19 affected the club’s operations due to restrictions on public meetings and the cancellation of events. 

David Burrow, the faculty sponsor of the History Club, said that moving to remote learning in the spring of 2020 had an effect on the club and its members.

“Because of the move to remote learning things got canceled,” Burrow said. “I think the people who were leading History Club all of whom graduated in the spring of 2020 didn’t have time for elections to pick new officers or pick people to revive the club up in the fall. With the COVID-19 protocols and everything in the fall it just seemed like it would be too complicated to figure out a way to meet.”

This semester the club is looking to meet up as safely as possible depending on how many members join after their first meeting. With the club having plans to conduct various events throughout the semester, this leaves them with the task of doing so within the COVID-19 guidelines. 

Mark Springman, the interim president of the History Club, plans to start off the club by showing movies in a smaller and controlled environment.

“Something I want to try to do is show some of the legendary movies that really have these subcultures and try to promote what makes them different while watching them on your own instead of going to see them in a crowd,” Springman said. “That might not be the best thing with the spacing requirements.”

With Springman being the interim president and a senior, this leaves room for a new head of History Club this semester and for next fall.

“What I would hope for is that the club, when it meets again this year, will have some people who are sophomores or juniors who could take over the leadership,” Burrow said. “It’ll really depend on the students because History Club does a great job when there are students in it who are really engaged.”