Growing up with a twin
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Growing up with a twin

What’s it like being a twin? I have been asked this question so many times. Everyone has different experiences, but for me and my brother it was just like having another sibling.

Twins usually share everything. Since my twin and I were different genders we did not have to share. We were able to separate ourselves from each other. He focused more on sports and I stayed in the arts.

Everyone believes that if you have twin you have a stronger connection than you would to a different sibling. I feel like a lot of people expect twins to be the same gender. Whenever I say I have a twin, people think that it’s my sister who is my twin, not my brother.

Where other sets of twins might have an identity crisis where they tried to make themselves their own person, I did not have a problem with it. I just had the regular kind of identity crisis.

My brother and I are close, but it is more like we are regular siblings, not twins. Part of this is because of how we were raised. Everyone grows up with different experiences.

People also have this idea that twins are very competitive. I think this is false. My brother and I just kind of vibe and don’t bother each other.

I will say I wish we looked the same and were the same gender. I always thought it would be cool to play pranks and confuse people as to which twin we were.

In all honesty, nobody knew I had a twin in high school. When my brother or I mentioned we had a twin everyone asks, “Who?” They always thought my brother and I were cousins, not siblings.

Not all sets of siblings are extremely close. Everything you experience growing up, in school, any experiences can change how you act. My brother and I aren’t that close, but I know a lot of sets of twins are.

I will say that the twin telepathy is weird. I don’t think it’s real. Maybe they know when the other is upset, but I don’t think people can feel each other’s pain.