Pugs are an absolute disaster
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Pugs are an absolute disaster

In ancient times, pugs were bred to be companions of Chinese emperors. Pugs are royalty. How could you refuse to love their royal highnesses?

Pugs are so cute. They have squishy faces, bug eyes and curly tails. Plus, they are tiny and have floppy ears. Whenever I see a pug, I really want to give them a hug and squish their wrinkly cheeks. All of their wrinkles make them look like little old people.

All of the reasons for cuteness are why they have so many health issues.

They make so many loud breathing noises. My friend once referred to their noises as sounding like a child trying to learn how to drink out of a cup. Dogs don’t really sweat. They have to pant to cool themselves off. Pugs can’t do this because of their squished face. This makes it easy for a pug to overheat.

They also get eye infections a lot because of their bug eyes, which never seem to close. Someone mentioned to me that their pug’s eye popped out of its head. I am not surprised, because the majority of the eye seems to already be falling out.

Almost every pug I have seen is built like a barrel. They are so round. Pugs do not like long walks and just stop when they don’t want to continue. If you aren’t careful, pugs can become overweight very quickly, which just leads to even more health issues.

Right now, so many people are being urged to stop buying pugs because they have so many health issues. I want a pug really bad, but I know I couldn’t handle all of the health issues that come with the squishy dog. I must resist the cuteness because it’s what’s harming them.