Sexual violence is an issue on all college campuses
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Sexual violence is an issue on all college campuses

Sexual violence has been an issue on college campuses for years. While it’s unfortunate and offensive, sexual violence can and does happen.

One of the most important ways to prevent sexual assault is by making sure everyone understands what this type of abuse is. Sexual assault is when an offender gives a subject unwanted sexual contact.

Every year, USD requires training on sexual violence prevention. Pay attention to these videos so you know how to recognize the situation you or others might be in. These videos and tests cover information any decent human being should know.

Sexual violence on college campuses is a common problem because 13% of all students experience sexual assault through physical force or incapacitation (drugs or alcohol).

It is good for people to be aware of the threat around them. Adults who are ages 18-34 are at the highest risk of sexual assault, around 54% of cases involved this age group.

Everyone needs to be aware of what is going around them. Around 19% of women and 6% of men will experience sexual assault.

The final thing for students to be aware of is what is known as the “red zone”. This is the first four semesters on campus and this is the time where 84% of female victims have reported being sexually assaulted.

It is important for students to know the resources available to them. Right now, you might think it isn’t important to you, but this is a common issue on college campuses. Hopefully, it is never something a person has to deal with but knowing what to do might help you or a friend in the future.

USD has an app called USD Safe. There are many options for students if they are feeling unsafe. There is a button that will give your location to the University Police Department. The “Friend Walk” is also available. This feature sends your location to a friend, and they can see if you make it home safely. It is also important to stay alert when you are alone.

When it comes to safety, do what you need to. It doesn’t matter if you lie to get away from someone you feel is dangerous. If you need to say you don’t feel good or must use the restroom, do it and get to safety.  Know who to trust, have someone who will come if you need. Call your RA, roommate or campus security for help if you need it.

It is never the victim’s responsibility to not get sexually assaulted, and using the tools provided might help.

To find out more on the prevention of sexual violence, statistics and additional resources get in contact with campus security, ICARE, PAVE or RAINN. All of these resources are there to be used.