Celebrating the “mom friend”
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Celebrating the “mom friend”

When it comes to going out on the weekend, are you the friend who blacks out, or are you the friend who orders water for your friends at the bar and makes sure everyone gets home safely?

Being the token “mom friend” is not an easy job, and it’s often one you take on from freshman year through graduation. They are the ones who sacrifice their nights to take care of others and make sure they have ibuprofen the next morning, yet they are often the most overlooked in friend groups.

They are the ones who take the time to make sure everyone’s birthday is remembered and celebrated. They take the time to make a homemade cake, just so that person feels special. But so often, they do not get the same in return. The “mom friend” is often so under-appreciated, and it needs to change.

This person becomes the designated support system when everyone moves to college and can’t see their mom every day. Why don’t their friends put the same energy into making sure they have a good night out and are allowed to go wild?

When life throws you for a loop, they’re the ones to hold your hand through it. They’re the ones who figure out rides for everyone and they’re the ones who end up having to kick people out of the house when the party gets out of hand. They’re the ones who make sure they’re sober enough to drive everyone to McDonald’s at 2 a.m. and wait in line for a half-hour just so all the drunk kids in the back can scream to Olivia Rodrigo.

Don’t take these friends for granted. It’s not often you get the privilege of having a self-sacrificing friend like the “mom friends” in your life. Put their birthday in your notes, listen to them vent once in a while, text them “happy Mother’s Day” and for God’s sake, make sure you offer to drive them to McDonald’s once in a while on a night out too.