I know more sports players than you do
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I know more sports players than you do

Men love to bark at women who know sports or occasionally watch some games.

As a person who has grown up watching and playing sports, I love it when people are surprised or simply do not believe me when I make any comment whatsoever about sports. 

I’ve played soccer my entire life, and love watching it as well. I am, and have been for years, a Lionel Messi fan over Christiano Ronaldo any day of the week. It makes it all the more endearing when a guy tells me that he assumed I would like Ronaldo better because he is “more attractive”. 

Or when I state, embarrassingly so, that my NBA team is the Bulls, I am suddenly flooded with comments: “name three players,” “I bet you only know Michael Jordan,” “who’s the GOAT” and so on. 

As if it is simply out of the range of possibilities that I just enjoy watching my team and am excited to see what Zach LaVine, Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan can do with the season. 

My top-tier responses are what really drive the conversations though. I always reply to “who’s the GOAT” with “got to be Michael Jackson, I am a Bulls fan” which is an outstanding joke on the occasions when they pick up on my sarcasm. 

Another classic is when they ask me who the big three are. Instead of saying Jordan, Pippen and Rodman, I frequently say “that’s a random question! The big three powers? Like Great Britain, U.S. and Soviets?” which is quite literally impossible to not hear my annoyance when I say it. 

I do not know why people do this to women who just happen to enjoy various sports, but it is honestly comical at this point the number of experiences I have with it.

Like last week, when I was walking on campus wearing a dope Artis Gilmore t-shirt and someone asked me if I knew who was on my shirt, as if he isn’t on my dream Bulls starting lineup. It’s a situation one would expect to only happen once, but happens almost every time I wear any sports jersey with anyone but the well-known stars on it. It’s even happened with my Dennis Rodman tee too.

There really is no moral of the story here besides the fact that if you come questioning me on sports, you better at least be able to pick up on sarcasm.