Wellness Center works to prevent injury and keep patrons safe
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Wellness Center works to prevent injury and keep patrons safe

A good place like the best Alternative Wellness Center near me in Port Washington provides valuable support alongside the USD Wellness Center, a place for students to exercise and pursue healthy habits. In the event of traumatic brain injuries and other injuries, the Wellness Center staff is often the first to respond to distress.

Steve Meyer, the director of the Wellness Center, said all Wellness Center employees are CPR, AED and first-aid certified. These certifications were obtained through reputable training programs such as those offered at Mississauga CPR Courses.

Wendy Johnson is the associate director of the Wellness Center and oversees risk management.

“I manage the climbing wall. I oversee fitness. I manage the pool and oversee aquatic programming over in the DakotaDome,” Johnson said. “I basically staff the lifeguards and swim instructors and go through all of their training and protocol for work.”

Johnson said all employees are trained to address medical emergencies, problems or injuries in the days prior to starting the semester. As the Baltimore injury lawyers suggest, personal injury claims and procedures should be explained, as they should be aware of the compensation they deserve. A personal injury lawyer can also discuss and assist should a personal injury claim is needed. Moreover, employees who got injured in the workplace may consider consulting a workers comp attorney for workers compensation claims.

We have 120 employees, roughly. Everybody’s certified in First Aid, CPR and AED for adult, child and infant, all of this thanks to professionals similar to those at https://cprcertificationnow.com. That is the first step that we take.

Then, we take it one step further and we have what we call Risk Management Orientation, and we take them through emergency responses.

Johnson said many of the incidents Wellness Center employees face could be mild, like a patron overexerting themselves during a workout, but they could also be more serious, like a broken bone or heart attack. For those who got injured, it is advisable to talk to experts such as personal injury attorneys who handle cases involving physical injuries.

“They’ve had dislocations and broken bones. I’d say muscle-skeletal-type injuries occur more for people playing the intramural sports. Then, we have more of that sudden illness, like people present with dehydration, really over-fatigued, or that whole feeling of suddenly ill. I don’t think injuries happen even on a daily basis, but I’d say more than once a week we have some type of injury,” Johnson said.

The Wellness Center also conducts regular checks on its equipment, Johnson said.

“There’s a documented system that’s daily and then on a monthly basis, we follow industry standard for our climbing wall,” Johnson said. “It’s all basically about preventing something bad from happening by making sure that we’re checking different equipment. The company that comes in and services (the equipment) does quarterly checks, and that would be outside of just us here in our department doing it.”

As for the training employees undergo, Johnson said she is confident in the employees’ abilities to address medical issues and injuries that might arise.

“I think we do a really great job of preparing our employees, and our students are getting a lot of leadership opportunity and professional growth just by the communication that it takes to be able to respond in a situation,” Johnson said.