Yellow is not a cheerful color
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Yellow is not a cheerful color

For many people, yellow is a happy color. It represents happiness, warmth and optimism. For the most part, a person would think yellow is a great color.

I strongly disagree. Yellow is a disgusting color and should only be used in small doses.

Color theory and color psychology show color can play a crucial role in conveying information and influencing moods and decisions.

Often, people use colors to describe their moods. For example, you can be “green with envy” or “so angry you see red.” Scientists have discovered that when describing anxiety, people use yellow to show it.

A few people have researched the effects of yellow paint colors on people’s moods. It is believed that babies cry more if they are in rooms painted yellow. Too much yellow can make it difficult to focus or even cause a total loss of focus. If you’re planning to repaint your home, it’s advisable to look for painting companies near me to ensure a convenient and professional service.

A person who sees too much yellow might become forgetful, and can experience anxiety and a loss of self-esteem, according to

Yellow can also make a person think more critically or be demanding. There is an old wives’ tale that if you paint a room yellow, you will have lots of arguments in that room. If you’re planning to coat your room with a new color, check out this link:, and learn more.

Yellow does not represent happy things. It is a symbol of cowardice: think of the term “yellow-bellied.” It is the color of sickness. Jaundice, malaria or yellow fever might cause yellowing eyes or skin. Mental illness is also represented as yellow. Think of the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” The color is used to show that the character is weak and sickly.

Even yellow things that seem good are bad. Take daffodils, for example. They might look nice, but if eaten by animals, they are toxic and can be deadly. Other yellow things that are no good include school buses, lemons and caution signs.

Yellow is the most visible color to the human eye. It is a color that immediately catches a person’s attention, and this is why it is used on caution signs or emergency vehicles. The color reflects a high amount of light. That’s why if you look at yellow for too long you will irritate your eyes or get a headache.

Yellow is a nasty color and I don’t like it. I believe it should be used less.