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The importance of reading

Reading is a reward. Falling in love with a plot, characters and everything in between, reading serves to spark imagination in those daring enough to embark on the epic journey. 

Books create thinkers, philosophers and future authors. Beyond reading’s ability to serve a student with writing, speaking and composing skills, books help to create an imaginary, ancient or current world with new ideas and information. 

Books help to explore questions of reasoning and open the mind to explore what we consider valuable. Reading takes us on literary journeys of historical critiques, the beginnings of writing and languages and analysis throughout the ages. Our memory is further developed and our ability to acquire and retain knowledge is greatly increased. Our lives become whole with books and the ability to read. 

But most importantly, reading allows us to imagine and dream in ways never considered before. For example, fairy tales help to teach a lesson of right versus wrong in a creative and inclusive way. To read is to entertain oneself with the ideas of gaining a deeper understanding of not only the text, but life. Reading allows you to consider adopting a similar whimsical style to your own dreams. 

Books inspire future generations to become authors, artists and actors. Reading is important and you not only gain a beautiful imaginative story you can possibly turn into a reality, but also the memories and shared moments of closeness reading brought you through the characters, fellow readers and the entire literary realm. 

Reading sends you on a fantastic journey of understanding, compassion, inventiveness and so much more. It all starts with a book and an eager mind ready to explore!