Why Using the Writing Center is Important

Writing serves as the foundation of communication and language. Writing fuels critical thinking, creative stories and clear conversations. It’s through writing one can better understand their critical and creative capacity.     Luckily, at USD, services to aid students in their critical and creative capacity exist on campus. Students can attend the Writing Center in an […]

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The Symphony: A Night of Beautiful Music

The University of South Dakota Symphony Orchestra (USDSO) always presents a lively and entertaining performance. I had the pleasure of attending the matinee concert and was incredibly excited to listen to a full symphony created by the famous composer, Beethoven.  Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67” is a challenging and intricate piece […]

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Reflection on the Utopia/Dystopia Symposium

Recently the English Department hosted a Utopia/Dystopia Symposium that included a variety of disciplines. The event was incredibly compelling. I particularly found the intersectionality of English with Science, History, Law, Business and many other disciplines the most interesting.  The concept of utopias and dystopias was not limited to written stories but rather showcased how such […]

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“Avatar: The Way of Water,” A Cultural Connection

A highly anticipated film, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” brings the audience on a journey like no other. From the incredible cinematography, immersive soundtrack and addressing of cultural concerns, “Avatar” undoubtedly ranks as one of my favorite films of the year.  The sequel follows a similar storyline to the first, only now viewers watch the […]

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Blue is beautiful

Blue is a beautiful color. Many times, people associate blue with sadness, dark skies and loneliness, but blue really is beautiful. Blue skies often mean rain. A perfect time to cuddle up with a classic book, warm mug of tea and to be wrapped up in a soft blanket. Rain also promises spring, growth and […]

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Embracing animation

The world of animation is a diverse and inclusive art that goes beyond the limitations of live-action films. These cartoons or animated films tell stories of dynamic characters and bring about an often vividly appealing and whimsically magical design and soundtrack. Animated films encapsulate emotions many members of an audience can relate to, allowing for […]

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