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Why Do Words Matter?

Words are essential in effectively communicating with family and friends. Although words are limited by the twenty-six letters they are composed of, their meaning and impact is endless. Words create images within the books we hold most dear. 

Words spread messages of happiness and bring us closer to our favorite fictional or non-fictional characters. We eagerly read them to find out what happens or put them aside as we’re not ready just yet to depart from our fictional fantasy realm. Words go beyond storytelling and text messages. They give us adjectives to describe ourselves, phrases of tenderness to send to mothers back home and provide color in what would otherwise be another blank page. 

The meaning of words can be synonymous with those around us or can be specifically addressed to us. That’s what makes them so special. 

As we grow, so do our words. We become more fluent in our language to create special addresses to those we admire or critique our favorite film. The meaning behind spoken and written words is a unique and often individual experience. Learn phrases similar to ‘As You Know‘ so you can use those as well.

From reading textbooks to exploring Indie films, words matter on a different scale to each of us. For that reason alone, words will always matter. They give us life, or better yet, ways to describe our lives. 

As the meaning of our words mirror who we are as a person, it is always important to remember the power and influence our words have on not only ourselves, but those around us.