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Why Using the Writing Center is Important

Writing serves as the foundation of communication and language. Writing fuels critical thinking, creative stories and clear conversations. It’s through writing one can better understand their critical and creative capacity. 

   Luckily, at USD, services to aid students in their critical and creative capacity exist on campus. Students can attend the Writing Center in an effort to gain a better understanding about citation formats of MLA/APA/Chicago and can even attend workshops exploring ways a student can go about effectively researching a topic for an upcoming essay. 

   The Writing Center includes a diverse group of consultants. The faculty consists of undergraduate, graduate and professional staff. Additionally, the faculty cover a wide range of different disciplines from history to medical sciences, to English, to political science. All of these consultants are available and eager to help aspiring writers. 

   As students look towards completing their essays, writing consultants are able to provide feedback on any form of written work. Whether a student has completed an essay, just started, or has yet to think of an idea, consultants help students brainstorm and review any written material. Through conversational based language, consultants and students work together to edit written works and explore possible avenues an argument may take. 

   Moreover, as finals approach for students, the Writing Center offers a Write-In where students can work with consultants, write on their own and immediately receive feedback, or simply enjoy some goodies as they work on their final assignments for the year. These services are available to students every semester. 

   Studies have shown students who attend the Writing Center walk away equipped with better strategies as to how to formulate and defend an argument or guide readers through a creative piece. 

   Consultants will work with students on all aspects of writing whether that be creative, critical, or an application for a future job; the Writing Center seeks to engage and educate students in all aspects of writing. As such, I highly recommend students to attend and explore the educational opportunities provided by the Writing Center!