Don’t take my advice

If there is one thing you should not do in your lifetime, it’s listen to me. However, as my time here at USD winds to a close, it has me thinking about what I would have done differently. Underclassmen, please feel free to read, enjoy my silly blunders and refrain from doing anything of similarity […]

2 mins read

Transitioning out of college

Leaving college life behind with no transitional period is not an easy feat. I am still technically a sophomore in college and am already concerning myself with life after college and how much my life will change. Not having the freedom of curating your own schedule, not seeing and spending time with friends every day […]

1 min read

Aardvarks are the worst

I’m sensing a pattern in my articles. I seem to not like large burrowing animals. In the past, I’ve talked about my hatred of anteaters as well as my suspicion of groundhogs. I would like to add aardvarks to my list of burrowing animals I don’t like. While aardvarks might have cute nicknames like “ant […]

2 mins read