Don’t take my advice

If there is one thing you should not do in your lifetime, it’s listen to me. However, as my time here at USD winds to a close, it has me thinking about what I would have done differently. Underclassmen, please feel free to read, enjoy my silly blunders and refrain from doing anything of similarity […]

2 mins read

Meet my crew

One of the main reasons I’m still sane is the supportive friend group I have. Some match my energy, some calm me down and some are just there to make me laugh. I thought I would write this article to show my affection and love for them.   Avery is the best person ever. Take […]

3 mins read

“The Bachelor” franchise is damaging, but I am still going to watch it

Picture this: it’s a normal Monday night. You’re getting ready to sit down and enjoy another ridiculous, drama-filled episode of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” You’re torn between wanting to see Megan P. go home and hoping she sticks around for another night to witness some more fights. Life is good. Sure, this makes for […]

2 mins read