What I hope my next three years look like
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What I hope my next three years look like

Sometimes when I’m sitting around contemplating life, I truly am shocked of how far I’ve gotten at USD. I fully expected to either drop out, fail all of my classes, or change my major fifty times. But I only changed it once. TAKE THAT WORLD!

Now I’m about a year or so from graduation and have somehow passed all my classes (so far) while working two jobs and having a good group of friends. USD has been my home for three years, and while I’m not one to be open to change, I’ve begun looking forward to the possibilities in store for me. Here are some things I’m looking forward to.

My vaccine. I promise you when I get those two doses I will feel like Superman, maybe I’ll even try and jump off Old Main. This past year or so has taken something from everyone, and getting a needle stabbed into my arm will almost be as satisfying as crossing a nonexistent finish line.

My last Dakota Days. My first two years at USD, I worked over BOTH D-Days.
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I kept telling myself that I’ll make extra money and then celebrate my last two D-Days with style. But now I feel a strong sense of urgency to have fun on this specific week, and I mean it this time.

Moving to a new city. I grew up in Nebraska, go to school in South Dakota, but my ultimate goal is to teach in Minnesota. Why? Don’t ask me. I chose that place as my go-to after graduation and have fallen in love with the state.

Getting my first adult job. I’ve had multiple jobs in my lifetime, from being a mascot for a minor league baseball team, to working at Victoria’s Secret, to now being a student ambassador for USD and a sales associate at Charlie’s Bookstore and Fan Shop. However, I’m so excited to have my own classroom one day and have my students roast my teacher fits.

And last but not least, traveling. I have so many places I want to see and things I want to do, whether it be alone or with friends and family. I received my passport in the mail right when the coronavirus hit the U.S. and now am patiently awaiting the day when I can go on adventures all over the world. Until then, I will patiently continue adding to my bucket list and dreamily planning unrealistic vacations with my friends.