Meet my crew
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Meet my crew

One of the main reasons I’m still sane is the supportive friend group I have. Some match my energy, some calm me down and some are just there to make me laugh. I thought I would write this article to show my affection and love for them.  

Avery is the best person ever. Take my word for it. She is hilarious, smart and knows how to problem-solve. She is also my ghostwriter on Twitter. Avery is very organized and always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. She loves Taylor Swift more than anybody I’ve ever met before and I willingly support her urge to scream “Better than Revenge” with her in our kitchen while she dances on our table. No number of words can properly explain how much Avery means to me.

Next is Sydney. Syd has been one of my longest friendships at USD, and for good reason. She is always willing to do anything for me, no matter how crazy or strange. I would not want to walk home from the bars with anyone else. She deserves the world. She gives me the best clothing advice, which I am in desperate need of. She’s also a detective. Give her any first name and where they’re from and watch her find their social media accounts in less than five minutes.   

If you ever have any question about anything Marvel, ask Devin. This long-haired man knows everything there is to that franchise and has the tattoos to prove it. Dev is a reserved individual, more of a listener than a talker, but when he speaks he always has something important and interesting to say. Although I make fun of Devin constantly, I am really glad to call him a friend. He puts things into perspective for me, makes me laugh and has never made me feel bad for being myself, even on my crazy days. I appreciate him caring for Avery as much as I do and for being there when we need him.

You could never beat Riley at a food eating contest. Don’t even try. This Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, hot-dog-loving human is full of personality. Riley is all about breaking stereotypes. He has light purple bedsheets and will tell you that with pride. He loves life, and people-watching is his favorite activity. Riley spreads his happy vibes to everyone he comes in contact with and is always willing to help his friends.

Last but not least: Jon. Jon is a fierce and loyal friend. You can tell by the way he speaks that he loves his family more than anything, and he’s going to be an amazing elementary school teacher. Jon is a genuine and honest person. I appreciate this because he is not afraid to tell us what he is feeling at any moment and doesn’t try to be anyone he’s not. Jon also enjoys a glass of wine as much as I do, and I respect that.

So, you’re welcome, guys, for getting to be friends with me.

It does not really matter what your friends’ characteristics are as long as you get along. Having close friends is beneficial to your mental health. They can also help you make better decisions. Talking with friends always gives serotonin. Friends are great and I am so thankful for the ones I have.