Trisha Paytas: The unsung mental health advocate
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Trisha Paytas: The unsung mental health advocate

Trisha Paytas is well-known in the entertainment industry for being unpredictable and full of personality. She has gone through a lot of ups and downs in her time in the spotlight, but always seems to find herself amongst stars. What makes Trisha interesting isn’t just the multitude of jobs she’s held or her TikTok account, but the way in which she is not afraid to show the world the “ugly” side of mental illness on her platform.

Trisha has been on YouTube since the beginning, and as one of the oldest YouTube influencers on the app, we have seen her grow and change from being young and ignorant to someone who is educated and successful. Trisha has always been very open with her mental health struggle and shows that through her many styles of videos. More often than not, you’ll find her crying in front of the camera, venting her frustrations to the world.

Trisha has always been seen as someone who can’t keep friendships and relationships for long because she’s deemed “crazy.” In reality, Trisha pushes those she loves most away because she’s afraid they’ll leave her and not come back. When she came forward with her struggle with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), she expressed that this came to be from a mix of childhood trauma and abuse she’s received as an adult.

Being open about her past has made her fans feel closer to her and her search in finding love and happiness. A few years ago, Trisha was in a relationship that was built on a mix of co-dependency and lies. This heightened her struggle with DID, and eventually she was put in a mental health facility for attempting to overdose on narcotics. The mission viejo drug rehab helps many youngsters get rid of the addiction problem.

Currently, Trisha is engaged to a man named Moses, who is always willing to make appearances in her music and YouTube videos. He treats her with respect and love, and his family has welcomed her with open arms. Her new friendship and podcast with Ethan Klein, Moses’s brother-in-law, has become the center of a lot of talk in the entertainment industry, and they recently bought matching cars together.

Trisha continues to be outspoken about her journey with mental health and shows her viewers it’s okay to be vulnerable about their feelings and asking for help. Mental health is not pretty, it’s messy and painful and ongoing. Seeing a star like Trisha Paytas be able to be so open about this topic helps begin to break the stigma surrounding mental health matters.